Arch Hand Microsurg 2019; 24(3): 285-289  
Radial Nerve Torsion: A Case Report
Jong Woo Kang1, Jung Heum Baek1, Dong Hun Suh1, Jung Ho Park1, Dong Hwee Kim2, Jong Woong Park3
Departments of 1Orthopedic Surgery, 2Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Ansan, Korea 3Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Korea University Anam Hospital, Seoul, Korea
Correspondence to: Jong Woong Park
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Korea University Anam Hospital, 73 Goryeodae-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 02841, Korea
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Received: July 5, 2019; Revised: July 24, 2019; Accepted: July 31, 2019; Published online: September 1, 2019.
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Peripheral nerve torsion is a rare cause of peripheral nerve palsy and its etiology is also unknown. It is usually misdiagnosed as compressive neuropathy or radiculopathy of spine though the treatment and clinical result are different from them. Authors present a case of radial nerve torsion. The symptom was same with a posterior interosseous nerve syndrome. However, the lesion is located not at forearm but at arm.
Keywords: Peripheral nerve, Torsion, Palsy, Radial nerve, Ultrasonography

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