Arch Hand Microsurg 2018; 23(2): 138-138  
[Erratum] A Prospective Study of Bowstringing after A1 Pulley Release of Trigger Thumb: Percutaneous versus Open Technique
Kwang-Hee Park1, Jae-Uk Jung1, Seok-Won Yang1, Won-Jung Shin2, Jong-Pil Kim1,2
1Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dankook University College of Medicine, Cheonan, Korea
2Department of Kinesiology and Medical Science, Graduate School, Dankook University, Cheonan, Korea
Published online: June 1, 2018.
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Arch Hand Microsurg 2018;23(1):20-27.
본 학술지에 게재된 위 논문에서 제 3저자의 한글명에 오류가 있어 정정합니다.
This correction is being published to correct the Korean name of third author in above article.
Before correction 양원석
The correct name 양석원

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